Rumble in the Jungle – Ali’s finest hour

We wanted to shine light back on to one of the greatest sporting moments of the last century, and possibly the finest hour of the greatest boxer that ever lived – Muhammad Ali.

The rumble in the Jungle was a boxing heavyweight fight held in the African nation of Zaire (now Congo) in 1974, between 2 of the greatest fighters at the time – George Foreman and Muhammad Ali.

Foreman had a perfect record of 40 wins (37 KOs), whereas Ali’s record was 44 wins and 2 losses (31 KOs). The 2 losses that Ali had were from opponents that Foreman had already beat on his ascenscion to becoming the most feared champion in boxing at the time.

Most of the press had Ali as the underdog, but Ali had other ideas. The build up to the fight was intense. Ali was his outspoken self as usual. Even during the fight, you can see him trashtalking Foreman. After nearly 8 intense rounds in suffocating humidity, Ali was showing the world he was the better boxer and the better man. He eventually cemented the win with a good combination and a powerful right hit to the head which knocked Foreman down and out for the count.
See the full historic event in the video below:

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