Rich Dad Poor Dad should be a must read for every teenager!


Are you sick and tired of that alarm clattering your eardrums every morning? Are you pissed off with the mediocre wage you’re slaving away for every week/month? Do you want to try and get out of that mundane, repetitive lifestyle? Then we may have something that will help you get on your way there.

Robert Kiyosaki has written a very important book which we all need to read. Rich Dad Poor Dad should be a must read for all children in high school. Elegantly written with biographical stories, this book will enlighten you financially. 68 year old Robert is a successful businessman, investor, author, motivational speaker and many more things. His book has been at number one, on many credible top 10 lists like ‘The Wall Street Journal’ and ‘New York Times’.

This piece of golden literature will show you what you are doing right and wrong with your money spending and how you are earning it. It will advise you on the best routes to pursue, if your goal is to reach financial freedom. I can’t stress enough how much you need to read this book. Go and buy it and tell all the people you value to read it too.

See below a video of Robert stating 10 important lessons for success:

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