Brandon Stanton started the blog “Humans of New York” without ever conceiving how popular it would get. He started the blog in 2010. Brandon’s idea was to take 10,000 portraits of New Yorkers and post them on the city’s map. He did not know that what started as a small project would turn into something so big and widely followed around the world.

The 31 year old was born in Georgia, USA. His Facebook page has achieved more than 15 million likes in the past five years. Brandon doesn’t just post pictures of people; he also associates the pictures with a quote or short story that takes place during his interaction with his subjects. This adds a totally new element to the picture, and makes it much more engaging and real.

Due to the popularity of the page, Stanton had the pleasure and privilege to work with the UN and go around the world in a 50 day “World Tour”. He visited 12 different countries and met thousands of people. Brandon’s “Humans of New York” blog is very inspiring and eye opening. It shows that despite all the little, superficial differences between us, at the core, we are all the same. Everyone is facing their own day to day struggles and problems and trying to overcome them. Everyone has similar hopes and aspiration to do well and everyone wishes for good luck and health for their loved ones. We are all human, flesh and blood and we all need each other to live harmoniously in this limited resource that is Earth, so next time you meet someone new – just smile and be empathetic and helpful. Karma tends to take care of the rest.

See a video below of Brandon talking about his blog:

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