Gary Vaynerchuk is a multi-talented man. He is an entrepreneur, investor, author and public speaker. The 39 year old was born in a part of the former Soviet Union, now known as Belarus. He moved to USA with his family in 1978. After completing college in Newton, MA, he worked at his father’s wine shop, turning it from a $3 million to a $50 million a year business, through e-commerce and email marketing. His next successful venture was starting VaynerMedia, which is a digital agency that provides social media and strategy services to big multi-national companies.

It’s fair to say Gary knows what he is talking about. I recently came across one of his talks and it really stood out to me. It was a talk about entrepreneurship and tech investing at the Universtiy of South California. His no nonsense, blunt communication style is a breath of fresh air. It makes you want to listen to him. His direct, do-it-now advice and attitude is highly motivating and we would certainly recommend watching it.

See the video of the talk below:

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