Whiplash – J.K. Simmons produces a transcending performance


Whiplash is an intense, claustrophobic depiction of what hard work, dedication and the pursuit of success looks like. Beautifully written and directed by the young Damien Chazelle, the film relentlessly shakes you until you are exhausted. It is a cold, hard slap of reality for anyone that has excuses. If you want to be the best, you have to work long and hard on your talent.

We can’t talk about Whiplash, without talking about J.K. Simmons. His performance was riveting, albeit somewhat terrifying. Playing the role of super-strict music teacher Terrence Fletcher, his single minded goal is to drain every last drop of talent and potential out of a student. That unlucky student was ambitious drummer, Andrew Neiman played by Mike Teller. Mike Teller acts beautifully as an ambitious, obsessive music student who wants to be the best. However, the performance by J.K. Simmons stole the show, and he rightly won an Oscar for best supporting actor at the 2015 award ceremony. Fantastic film and performances and we look forward to more from the people involved in this film.

Our favourite scene from the film can be seen below:

Here is the trailer for it:

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